The Manifest of Fashion

“Oftentimes, elegance is confused with superficiality, fashion, as a certain lack of interiority. It is a serious mistake: human beings need elegance both in actions and posture, because this word is synonymous with good taste, sweetness, balance and harmony”.

Paulo Coelho, Like the Flowing River, 2006.

I started from accessories, that was the main topic of my first blog. For me they represent the synthesis of elegance meaning the ability to discover others with ease and style through objects which reflect their personality with grace and accuracy. Then environments I usually attend, the people I meet and the experiences done led me to investigate the whole  360 ° fashion. Then I realized that as the eyes are the mirror of the soul, clothes and accessories are the mirror of ideas, creativity, form and expression of a language that tells us about our attitudes, our beliefs. The way you dress is the epitome of the refined complexity of the nature of a person and his/her taste, since we tend to combine according to the mood of a particular time. Furthermore, as life changes people change so every day we wear a new mood that reveals the different facets of our ego. The accessories allow to give a first impression of yourself, to express creativity and, consequently, for the viewer, to catch the frame of a person. Sometimes to read his/her thoughts. We can wear a garment that we do not like so much simply because it is on trend for a certain period or context. However, hardly we will match an accessory we don’t like because the capacity of the accessories is to interpret the essence and soul of a person, that is, all those nuances and tendencies that characterize it making it unique. On the other side, clothes tell about the creative adventure journey that gives tangible form to the emotion and pleasure, representations of the same raises. The garments are alive and seem to spread the energy emanating from the human figure in a relentless pursuit of harmony, shapes, colors that makes use of all the techniques to revive the vitality of the human soul. To conclude, I’d like to share with everyone my passion for fashion, design, beauty and lifestyle, offering reviews of events, fashion shows, trends, travels, as well as analysis of “pink” problems, those typical from women.