Activewear fashion trends: Stronger, the new hot sporty brand that shape your body when you work out

Activewear fashion trends Stronger brand sportivo che modella il fisico mentre fai workout danza dieta 2017

Fitness is not just a sport but a philosophy of life concerning diet, beauty and fashion. For practical and fashionable clothing, capable of supporting daily workout and making women feel free to train in the gym or in the open air with a sporty attractive look, also suitable for hang out, here is Stronger

The fitness world is more and more part of our daily life. Since Victoria’s Secret promotes campaigns against excessive thinness by showing how her angels are training and caring for their nutrition and wellness, it is increasingly determined that “tonic and strength” is pretty and even more attractive than thin without curves. Then, being fit is not just a status imposed by the media and society canons but a true philosophy of life that embraces every area in which our personality extrinsics. Hence, for this reason also a well-groomed and efficient sportswear, capable of supporting weak body’s zones and helping to energize the muscular bands, is important to supporting weekly training.

Activewear fashion trends shape your body when work out wearing Stronger

Stronger is an activewear feminine brand that combines refinement and practicality in an essential design inspired by various countries around the world (Bolivia, Hawaii, Cuba, etc … from which product names) and various activities like hikinig, camping, biking and so on… which are nice activities to experience in addition to daily work out. Furthermore, the search for ever-new and specific fibers is a testament to the brand’s commitment to propose always innovative garments. Moreover, the casual and authentic approach that highlights the ways in which physical activity is naturally intertwined in everyday routines, evident in photos posted on socials and e-commerce’s adv. This, coupled with a feeling of accessibility to different silhouettes and economic possibilities, makes it an attractive brand for young women who feel free to train at the gym or at the open air with an anatomical but at the same time appealing suit, also fits to exit.

I wanted to test these features on my skin and I assure you that, apart from being able to train me half-naked with 57,2 F, because the tank and the leggins warmed my muscles, many people complimented me with the super-cool feminine fantasy of my outfit.

Ph. credits: Fabio Vizz// instagram @streeteye75

Activewear fashion trends shape your body when work out wearing Stronger beautiful body fitness model

Hot fitness model Activewear fashion trends shape your body when work out wearing Stronger dance outfit