“Dr. Heel 15”, I graduated with a pair of black Louboutin 14.5 high heels, conscious that I could not achieve excellence however I knew that the satisfaction that day would have been another. After the fateful phrase “…proclaim the doctor in law ” the joy to turn around my feet and leave behind a never digested career with a pair of Lobu was priceless. Hence, this does not mean that I am frivolous, simply, I made a wrong choice in the past not following my attitudes consequently I had to correct the shot after. Then I open a blog to share with everyone my passion for fashion, especially for trends and accessories. Self-deprecating, stubborn, honest, ambitious, passionate, I live intensely my love for writing about fashion and lifestyle, in two words: for art. Moreover, as the designer follows the intuition, shape and emboss it embroidering art on fabric thus I try to do in my small way “embroidering” with the words. I love: to observe, to get in touch with different cultures, ethnic jewelry, the boho-chic style, surfing, California, dancing (my faithful companion of life for nearly two decades), the parfum of flowers and warm bread while I walk back froma a deep party in the night, Miro, street artists, Saint Paule du Vence, travel, adventures. This is me, Sara Muzi.